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Dong-A ST

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    Dong-A ST - Dong-A ST is leaping forward towards becoming a global pharmaceutical company.

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    Business Areas- We vow to endeavor to promote human health.

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    Research and Development - Our Research Division focuses on the development of global new drugs.

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    CSR - We vow to fulfill our corporate social responsibility of creating a bright, warm society.

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    Investment Information - We vow to do our best to reward our shareholders for their strong support.

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    Newsroom - Here are the latest news about us, and out latest moves.

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    Contact Us - Dong-A ST puts its customers first.

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DONG-A ST - Our Research Division focuses on the development of global new drugs.


  • Research Division
  • Research Activity
  • Research Achievements
    • Our New Drugs
    • Major Achievements
  • Clinical Issues

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Research Activities

To embrace the dignity of life, Dong-A ST continues its research activities.
  • New Drug Research Center

    The New-Drug Research Center, based on our accumulated new-drug development technologies and experiences, has selected research on products related to QOL(quality of life) as the key area, and is exerting all-out R&D efforts.

    For instance, we are bolstering the areas of digestive-disorder drugs, including Stillen, and of urinary-disorder drugs, including Zydena, while expanding the research area for endocrine-metabolic disorders, including diabetes, thus striving to create global brands.

    Digestive disorders
    • Functional-dyspepsia drugs
    • Gastritis drugs
    • Irritable-bowel-syndrome drugs
    Urinary disorders
    • Erectile-dysfunction drugs
    • Premature-ejaculation drugs
    • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
    Endocrine-metabolic disorders
    • Diabetes drugs
    • Diabetic-neuropathy drugs
    • Obesity drugs

    As such, the New-Drug Research Center endeavors to bolster its existing research areas and to expand into new research areas. Once new pharmaceutical materials are derived from each area of research, we will develop them at home and abroad.

  • Product R&D Center

    The Product R&D Center’s R&D areas, based on our successful development experience at home, include the development of global natural-material-derived new drugs targeting chronic/complicated diseases, the formulation of diverse new-drug candidate materials ranging from compounds to natural-material-derived new drugs, the development of DDS-(drug delivery system)-type improved new drugs, the development of efficacious OTC (over-the-counter) and healthcare products, and the development of individual authorized functional health products aimed at creating new markets.

    As for the global development of natural-material-derived new drugs, we have selected target diseases and the first development nations, such as China and the U.S., where we are pushing to develop and use the CMC (chemical manufacturing control) technologies specializing in the natural-material-derived new drugs.

    In addition, we endeavor to establish our long-pursued DDS technologies in a bid to develop large-scale improved new drugs with clinical-trial-proven efficacy in a timely manner. In particular, to improve the efficacy of our existing drugs and to maximize the efficacy of our new drugs, we continue our efforts to develop new formulae. We also endeavor to establish specialized technologies so as to research on and develop overseas-market-competitive products.

    derived new drugs
    • Functional-dyspepsia drugs
    • Diabetic-neuropathy drugs
    • Degenerative-cerebral-disease drugs
    Research on the formulation of new drugs and on the development of improved new drugs
    • Research on the formulation of new drugs
    • Research on new complexes
    • Research on sustained-release formulations
    Products aimed
    at creating markets
    • Efficacious OTC
    • Healthcare products
    • Authorized functional health foods


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