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Dong-A ST

  • Dong-A ST

    Dong-A ST - Dong-A ST is leaping forward towards becoming a global pharmaceutical company.

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    Business Areas- We vow to endeavor to promote human health.

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    Research and Development - Our Research Division focuses on the development of global new drugs.

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    CSR - We vow to fulfill our corporate social responsibility of creating a bright, warm society.

    • Long March through the National Land
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    Investment Information - We vow to do our best to reward our shareholders for their strong support.

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DONG-A ST - Dong-A ST is leaping forward towards becoming a global pharmaceutical company.

Dong-A ST

  • Overview
  • CEO’s Message
  • Vision and Values
  • History
  • CI
  • Location

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We are striving to promote human health.

As of Dec 31, 2018

  • Date of establishment March 1, 2013
  • CapitalKRW42.2 billion
  • Number. of shares 8.44 million
  • Number. of employees1,533
  • 2010’s
    • 2018
      11Developed the urban forest #1 with Seoul Metropolitan City and Forest for Life Foundation.
      11Released ‘Dutavan Plus Tab.’ for the treatment of hair loss and benign prostatic hyperplasia.
      10The growth hormone ‘Growtropin’ obtained the approval for post-opening stability.
      08Signed the business agreement with Seoul Metropolitan City and Forest for Life Foundation for urban forest development.
      08Signed the agreement with Takara Bio, Japan for introduction of oncolytic virotherapy as a new anticancer agent.
      07 ‘ISO 37001’ certification for anti-bribery management systems
      04Signed the joint sales agreement with CJ Healthcare for the diabetes treatments, ‘Suganon & Sugamet’.
      02Completed the biopharmaceutical factory in Indonesia.
      01Signed the license-out agreement of natural product medicine with NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals, USA.
      01Signed the joint research agreement of cancer immunotherapy with AstraZeneca.
      01Signed the joint development and licensing agreement of bispecific antibody cancer immunotherapy with ABL Bio.

      2018 histroy related image

    • 2017
      12Hosted the symposium to commemorate launching of Edarbi for hypertension treatment.
      12Released the antihistamine, ‘Twolion Tab.’.
      11Held the ‘declaration ceremony of CP reinforcement and ISO37001 introduction’.
      11Dong-A ST and Takeda Pharmaceuticals Korea hosted the ceremony for Edarbi co-promotion.
      10Released ‘Virreal Tab.’ for the treatment of Hepatitis B.
      08Released ‘Togenon Tab.’ for the treatment of hypertension.
      06Obtained CCM (Consumer-Centered Management) certification.
      06Released ‘Jublia Topical Solution’ for the treatment of hand and toenail athlete’s foot.
      03Dong-A ST and Dong-A Socio Holdings signed the MOU with ABL Bio for the development of antibody drug.
      02Released ‘Dutavan Soft Cap.’ for the treatment of urination disorder.
      02Released ‘Valvirus Tab.’ for the treatment of herpes zoster.
      02Signed the joint research contract with Yonsei Medical Center for the development of ‘hereditary hearing loss’ treatment.

      2017 histroy related image

    • 2016
      10Promoted joint research for the development of next-generation anticancer drugs with Beactica of Sweden.
      10Signed an MOU for the development and sales of a medical endoscope with Haesung Optics.
      07Selected as a '2016 Innovative Pharmaceutical Company'.
      07Selected as a company with an ‘excellent labor-management culture’.
      05Signed an exclusive sales & marketing agreement for 'Jublia', a new topical nail fungus treatment with Kaken Pharmaceutical of Japan.
      05Signed an agreement for the co-development of stem-cell treatment for IVH (Intra Ventricular Hemorrhage) with the Samsung Medical Center and MediPost.
      05Released 'Sugamet SR', a new drug complex for treating diabetes.
      04Signed a global licensing contract for 'Evogliptin' for the treatment of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).
      03Entered the energy drinks market in Taiwan with the canned drink Bacchus.
      03Signed an export contract for 'Terizidon', an API for tuberculosis drugs, to China.
      03Released 'Suganon Tablet', a new diabetes drug developed in-house.
      02Awarded the Grand Prize of the Korea New Drug Awards for 'Suganon Tablet', a treatment for diabetes.
      01Earned the 'AA' rating in the 2015 CP Rating by the Fair Trade Commission.

      2016 histroy related image

    • 2015
      12Hosted the 10th anniversary symposium for the launch of ‘Zydena’.
      12Selected as an ‘excellent company’ in the bio sector in 2015.
      12Awarded the Grand Prize in the ‘innovative new drug development’ category at the 2015 Medical Korea Awards.
      12Earned the highest 'AA' rating in Korea in the 2015 CP Rating the by Fair Trade Commission.
      12Released the 'Styrene 2X Tablet', a highly convenient treatment for gastritis.
      12Hosted the 10th anniversary symposium for the release of ‘Zydena’.
      11Granted FDA licensing approval for 'Teribone S.C. Inj. 56.5ug', a treatment for osteoporosis.
      11Hosted a symposium to launch the 'Acelex Capsule', an osteoarthritis treatment.
      11Senior researcher Jang Sun-woo received the formulation technology award at the 2015 International Conference of the KSPST.
      10FDA approval of new drug application for 'Suganon', a diabetes treatment developed in-house.
      09Released the 'Acelex Capsule' for the treatment of osteoarthritis.
      07Signed a sales contract for the crystal genomics osteoarthritis treatment 'Acelex Capsule'.
      07Signed a licensing contract for 'Evogliptin', a diabetes treatment, with GeroPharm of Russia.
      06Hosted the launching event for ‘Zydena’ in Brazil.
      04Vice President Kim Won-bae received the Creation Award of the Order of Science and Technology Merit.
      04Approval of new drug application in Korea for the super bacteria targeting antibiotic 'Sivextro Tablet'.
      04Signed an additional licensing contract for a diabetes drug with Eurofarma.
      03Granted European marketing authorization for the super bacteria targeting antibiotic 'Sivextro Tablet'.
      02Awarded the Technology Exporter Award for the super antibiotic 'Sivextro Tablet'.
      01Hosted 'The First Bacchus Marathon' in Guatemala.

      2015 histroy related image

    • 2014
      09Signed an exclusive sales contract for 'Gonadopin NF' with FarmaSino.
      07Signed a strategic alliance with Combiphar of Indonesia.
      06US FDA approval of new drug application for the super bacteria targeting antibiotic 'Sivextro Tablet'.
      04Held the groundbreaking ceremony for the technical support building at the Banwol factory.
      03Released the tuberculosis drug 'Closerine' in the Chinese market.
      01Signed a licensing contract for the biosimilar 'DA-3880' with SKK of Japan.

      2014 histroy related image

    • 2013
      12Released the erectile dysfunction treatment 'Zydena 75mg' in daily dosage form.
      10Applied for the US FDA’s approval of ‘Tedizolid,’ a super-bacteria antibiotic.
      08Released the 'Nenoma Tablet', Korea’s first premature ejaculation treatment.
      06Released 'Talion Ophthalmic Solution'.
      04FDA approval for clinical phase 2 of DA-9801, a diabetic neuropathy drug.
      03Switched to a holding company system. Divided into Dong-A Socio Holdings, Dong-A Pharmaceutical, and Dong-A ST.

      2013 histroy related image

    • 2012
      09Held groundbreaking ceremony for Dong-A Meiji Bio Plant in Song-do
      09Listed Dong-A PharmTech on the KOSDAQ market

      2012 histroy related image

    • 2011
      Hepatitis B drug LYII7 earned world-class certification (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
      12Unveiled new natural-material drug no.3, gastric-emptying accelerator Motilitone
      04Recruited employees for the 100th time
      02Posted South Korean pharmaceutical industry record sales of over KRW900 billion

      2011 histroy related image

    • 2010
      09Acquired the pharmaceutical raw-material company Samchully Pharmaceutical and renamed it ST Pharm
      08The superbacteria antibiotic Tedizolid entered phase 3 clinical trials in the U.S.
      06Signed a comprehensive business agreement with GSK

      2010 histroy related image

  • 2000’s
    • 2009
      11Zydena entered phase 3 clinical trials in the U.S.
    • 2007
      03Signed a license agreement with Trius Therapeutics in the U.S.on worldwide market development and sale regarding the superbacteria-targeting antibiotic Tedizolid

      2007 histroy related image

    • 2005
      12Unveiled new drug no. 2, erectile dysfunction drug Zydena

      2005 histroy related image

    • 2003
      Renamed Dong-A Glass Co. Soo Seok Co.
      11Chairman Kang Shin-ho sworn in as FKI Chairman

      2003 histroy related image

    • 2002
      Posted South Korean pharmaceutical industry record sale of over KRW500 billion
      12Unveiled natural-material drug no.1, gastritis drug Stillen
      09Established Dong-A PharmTech

      2002 histroy related image

    • 2000
      12Banwol Plant certified as BGMP-compliant
      01Cheonan Plant certified as KGMP-compliant and constructed

      2000 histroy related image

  • 1980-1990's
    • 1998
      07Launched the university student long march through the national land

      1998 histroy related image

    • 1995
      Established Suzhou Boik Beverage Co. in China
      Bacchus sales posted over KRW100 billion

      1998 histroy related image

    • 1992
      03Renamed Dong-A Food Dong-A Otsuka

      1992 histroy related image

    • 1990
      01Established Dong-A America in the U.S.

      1990 histroy related image

    • 1989
      11Established Qingdao Jina Glass Co. in China

      1989 histroy related image

    • 1988
      11Constructed the industry’s first and advanced KGLP research center in Sanggal

      1988 histroy related image

    • 1987
      Exports posted over USD10 million
      11Developed the country’s first AIDS diagnosis reagent
      05Dong-A Food unveiled Pocari Sweat

      1987 histroy related image

    • 1985
      04Designated as the industry’s first KGMP company no. 1
    • 1983
      07Established Yongma Logis Co., acquired a transport business license.
      02Constructed an enzyme and raw-material synthesis plant in Banwol

      1983 histroy related image

    • 1981
      07Began to export Bacchus-D to the U.S

      1981 histroy related image

    • 1980
      05Constructed the country’s first GMP plant in Anyang

      1980 histroy related image

  • 1930-1970's
    • 1979
      08Successfully synthesized the latest semi-synthetic penicillin Talampicillin
      03Founded Dong-A Food (spun off from Dong-A Pharmaceutical Food Division); produced Oran-C, Cocas, Narangd Cider, etc.
    • 1978
      Established Dong-a Glass Co.
    • 1977
      07Launched a research center

      1977 histroy related image

    • 1970'
      02Went public, increased capital to KRW750 million

      1970 histroy related image

    • 1967
      Sales rose to no. 1 in the domestic pharmaceutical industry

      1967 histroy related image

    • 1963
      08Began to produce the comprehensive nutritious tonic Bacchus-D

      1963 histroy related image

    • 1960
      Began to produce the broad-spectrum antibiotic Kanamycin

      1960 histroy related image

    • 1959
      09Began to recruit employees openly
    • 1958
      Constructed a modern-style plant and office in Yongdu-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

      1959 histroy related image

    • 1949
      08Renamed the company Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co.

      1949 histroy related image

    • 1932
      12Launched wholesale business for medicines and hygienic materials in Junghak-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

      1932 histroy related image


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