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Dong-A ST

  • Dong-A ST

    Dong-A ST - Dong-A ST is leaping forward towards becoming a global pharmaceutical company.

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    Business Areas- We vow to endeavor to promote human health.

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  • Research and Development

    Research and Development - Our Research Division focuses on the development of global new drugs.

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  • CSR

    CSR - We vow to fulfill our corporate social responsibility of creating a bright, warm society.

    • Long March through the National Land
    • Youth Environmental Campaign  Life Love School
    • Golf
    • Other sponsorship programs

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  • Investors

    Investment Information - We vow to do our best to reward our shareholders for their strong support.

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    Newsroom - Here are the latest news about us, and out latest moves.

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    Contact Us - Dong-A ST puts its customers first.

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DONG-A ST - We vow to endeavor to promote human health.

Business Areas

  • Dong-A ST Products
    • Ethical Products
    • Product News
    • Healthcare Products
  • Medical Device Business
  • Diagnosis Business
  • Overseas Business
  • License-in
  • License-out
  • Archive

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  • License-in

    Dong-A has achieved and maintained the No.1 position in the Korean pharmaceutical industry since 1967 by building competitive marketing capabilities and nation-wide sales networks.

    Leveraging such strong competency in the Korean market, Dong-A has set a new goal to become a global pharmaceutical player and as its first step, we have demerged to the holdings system, of which our parent firm is Dong-A Socio Holdings as of March 2013.

    As a sole subsidiary of Dong-A Socio Holdings in prescription drug market, Dong-A ST is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and distributing ethical drugs while harnessing Dong-A’s value and reputation. Along with in-house developed products, Dong-A has attributed its strong growth to licensed-in products from overseas and domestic partners, where we have valued sustainable and long-term relationships. This is exemplified in our strategic partnership with Meiji Seika, which is dated back to 1959, when we established an antibiotics manufacturing plant and of which our values have continued and recently, set up a new alliance in Biosimilar business.

    Dong-A ST, equipped with a strong track-record in pharmaceutical development and sales, is actively exploring collaboration opportunities in product licensing and other ways of business alliance. For licensing-in, we are seeking novel and innovative treatments for chronic diseases, especially in CNS, CV and Metabolism as a priority target, while maintaining our excellence in the GI and Urology area. We also have a strong interest in licensing value-added products with improved pharmaco-economic profile compared to existing products.

  • Sales


    (Unit : 100milion KRW)

    아웃라이센싱 파트너십 표
    Product Active ingredient Indication Category Sales
    2010 2011 2012
    Stillen Eupatilin gastritis In-house 887 881 809
    Lipinon Atorvastatin hyperlipidemia generic 410 460 334
    Plavitor Clopidogrel antithrombosis generic 437 442 314
    Opalmon Limaprost antiplatelet license-in 463 370 244
    Growtropin Somatropin growth hormone in-house 173 211 228
    Talion Bepotastine antihistaminic license-in 196 200 221
    Orodipin Amlodipine high blood pressure generic 289 263 191
    Zydena Udenafil erectile dysfunction in-house 200 203 155
    Motilitone Corydalinco/Pharbitis functional dyspepsia in-house - 5 145
    Glimel Glimepiride diabetes generic 156 154 108
  • Partnership

    Unveiled products

    Partner Product Active Ingredient Year
    Almirall Verrumal Soln. Fluorouracil, Salicylic acid 1991
    Optiderm Cream Polidocanol, Urea 1998
    Asahi Kasei Pharma Flivas Tab. Naftopidil 2012
    Aska Pharmaceutical Prostal-L SR Tab. Chlormadinone acetate 1997
    Astellas Pharma Tathion Tab., Inj. L-Glutathione reduced 1970
    Josamycin Tab. Josamycin 1973
    Cefamezin Inj. Cefazolin sodium 1983
    Epocelin Inj. Ceftizoxime sodium 1983
    Perdipine Tab. Nicardipine HCl 1984
        LA Cap 1990
    Gaster Tab., Inj. Famotidine 1986
    Suprax Cap. Cefixime 1989
     Powder 1992
    Rescula Eye Drops Isopropyl unoprosotone 1998
    Gaster D Tab. Famotidine 2001
    Irribow Ramosetron 2010
    GlaxoSmithKline Zovirax Tab. Inj. Eye oint. Cream Acyclovir 1984
    Zofran Tab.Inj. Ondansetron HCl
    Zofran ZYDIS Tab. Ondansetron 2000
    Valtrex Tab. Valaciclovir HCl 2000
    iNova Pharmaceuticals Aldara Cream Imiquimod 2002
    Medipost Cartistem Cartilage stem cell 2012
    Meiji Seika Pharma Vistamycin Inj. Ribostamycin sulfate 1976
    ADM Inj. Doxorubicin HCl 1988
    Tanabe Pharma
    Tanatril Tab. Imidapril HCl 1996
    Talion Tab. Bepotastine besilate 2003
    Eye Drops 2013
    Nippon Kayaku Bleocin Inj. Bleomycin HCl 1971
    Cisplan Inj. Cisplatin 1984
    Lastet Inj. Etoposide 1987
    Lastet-S Cap. 1991
    Ono Pharmaceutical Foy Inj. Gabexate mesylate 1980
    Prostandin Inj. Alprostadil-α-cyclodextrin 1985
    Opalmon Tab. Limaprost 1993
    Onon Cap. Pranlukast hydrate 1998
    Dry Syr. 2001
    Elaspol Sivelestat Na hydrate 2006
    Orion Pharma Fareston Tab. Toremifene citrate 1998
    Sanofi-Pasteur Vaxiflu Inj. Influenza virus A type,Influenza virus B type 1989
    Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals Nicetile Tab. Powder Acetyl-L-carnitine HCl 1994
    Toyama Chemical Ozex eye drops Tosufloxacin 2010

    Unveiling products

    Unveiled Products
    Partner Product Active Ingredient Year
    Toyama Chemical Kolbet
    DMARD 2014

    * DMARD: Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug

    - Last Update 2013.6-


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